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REX is a club whose purpose is to create a safe haven for real estate investors to network with like minded individuals for the purposes of education, training and motivation. Our clubs philosophy is that we should not depend on others to secure our future. Instead, we depend on acquiring and sharing knowledge to create wealth through real estate investing.


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Expand your knowledge regarding house hacking, flipping, cash flow, loans, property analysis and more. Check our ever growing video library and links to help you build a phenomenal real estate empire. Don’t get sold. Get an education.

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We network with contractors and service providers in order to get you savings and service that is specific for income property owners, flippers, commercial investors and more.


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Anyone can do it. Not everyone will. Learn the stories and techniques that other successful investors here in Alaska have used to build their wealth through real estate.

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Looking to buy, sell or invest in Alaska Real Estate? Have you seen land for sale or homes for sale but don’t know where to start? Then you’ve…

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What are the latest in lending trends? How do I obtain capital for my real estate investment? What are the best methods of increasing cash flow from the…

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We are a boutique mortgage broker with offices located in Anchorage and Wasilla. When you decide to buy, finding the right home is…. only half the…

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Hear What Others Are Saying…

REX is an invaluable resource for real estate investing. The strategies and techniques taught here will help you achieve financial freedom through passive income. If you’re serious about growing your knowledge and creating a life by design, not by default; this is the place to start.
Koltan Lucas
Rex is like drinking from A fire hydrant of brilliance and knowledge regarding all things real estate.
Kevin B. Cross , REX
Excellent opportunity for anyone involved in real estate to expand their knowledge base and increase their resource pool.
David Hannon


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